A Research-Based RtI Data Collection and Progress Monitoring Tool*

Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics is a computer program that makes nomination sociometrics take minutes of your time rather than hours. 

Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics also collects survey information to identify those students who are rejected, neglected (ignored), popular, and controversial (a combination of positive and negative nominations). This is graphically illustrated through a bar graph.

Once RtI interventions are implemented, Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics can be used to monitor the progress of students who have been targeted for these RtI interventions.

What Does Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics Program Do for Me?

The Classroom Sociometrics program can condense hours of your time into mere minutes! The program will:

  • Print out a sociometric survey for classroom distribution

  • Make a sociogram, bar chart, and scatter plot, which can be saved and printed

  • Easily modify the sociogram's layout using click and drag

  • Copy graphics and data onto the clipboard where it can be pasted into Excel, word processing programs, or almost any statistical program which has a spreadsheet input

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Sociometrics is a data-driven, research-based way to keep tabs on the progress of your social interventions put in place to answer the needs of RtI. With Walsh's sociometrics, you can quickly and easily establish the effectiveness of your interventions by administering the survey on a periodic basis. In as little as 10-15 minutes, Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics gives you visual sociograms, bar charts, and graphs to make progress monitoring a breeze!


Click here to download a FREE demo version of Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics. This will allow you to use the program at no charge while you try it out to make sure it meets your expectations and needs. Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics works only on PCs (sorry, Mac users).

Once you have tried the program, you can make it a fully functional version by purchasing a license for $39.99. When you do, we will send you a registration number that will make the program fully functional.

Or, you can take a product tour before downloading to check out all of the features and the ease of use of Walsh's Classroom Sociometrics!

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Nomination sociometrics is an empirically supported method of progress monitoring the social status of classrooms and individual students. 

Sociometrics is really quite simple. A survey is constructed. This survey asks children to nominate children they would like to sit with, play with, and/or work with. After collecting these surveys, a sociogram may be constructed which graphically indicates who nominated whom.

With this information, school personnel can identify cliques, class divisions, and get a sense of the overall social structure of the classroom. Identifying such social problems as racial and/or gender segregation, intolerance of specific children, or homophobia becomes that much easier. Finally, using repeated surveys, school personnel can monitor classroom interventions put into place to remediate these problems.

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